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I like

I like this song.. but I think that it needs more
to be in a party atmosphere.

maybe a catchy female vocal... or some tribalness to it.

it sounds like every other "rave" song..

but I stilll like it

Not house

Every one of these ppl on this site submit, crap they've made on Fruity loops. You should at least change the sounds, listen to my songs. To hear what FL can really do.

ManateeGod responds:

Thanks for ass raping my first submission. Yes, I know, the bass is a fifth tone flat from the pre-made riff, and it's not five minutes long. Big deal. It's loop, and you can cut it whenever you want.

I've heard some of your stuff; decent, although considering how long your songs are, they could use some harmonic contrast; but you obviously know what you're doing as far as how to manipulate sounds in FL and add sound banks. All I can do is jott down any brain-wave I get before I lose it and make it into a loop in whatever time I have available. You can't save files in the demo, but you knew that, eh? I only use FL because it's the only software I have available to export to mp3; Normally I'd be using Cubasis or something.

Anyhwo, I'd be glad for any HELPFUL COMMENTS, or at least you could listen to the rest of my stuff, and respond to something you feel worth responding to, rather than finding my worst submission and trashing it to make you look like "the man".

You probably didn't mean it that way, but you sure came off as a prick in your review. Obviously this was one of your first reviews and reading many of he flash portal reviews set a bad example for you.

Anywho, Peace, and good luck on your future endavours.

Do u listen?

Do u make ur songs and then not listen to them.. or do u not have an ear for music?? This is by no means music, it is samples arranged horribly.

KIngofbeats420 is my Yahoo ID if anyone wants to hit me up about anything.

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